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Shangri-La la la la

Happiness will not just come to you. Sometimes, you have to look for it; sometimes, you have to create it.

I have created quite the happy little world these past couple of years. The very occasional rough patch aside (which are a given for everyone), life is good. Great, even. Life is great.

I am happy in love, and happy in life.

My job will be changing soon, and only time will tell how it will all play out. Lots of changes are afoot… with more work and responsibility (which comes with a raise). Things will be a bit crazy, but should settle back down in mid-January 2010. I am not going to stress it though, what would the point be?

Happiness is…  Being secure in my life. My decisions, my home, my relationship, my chosen life path.

I’ve learned that amazing things happen every day, if you’re open to them. Something good happens every day…  something beautiful,  ironic  or just plain silly…  things that simply happen over the course of a day.  I love them all. I try to think about what my day was like  everynight before I go to bed: What good things happened to me today? What a fantastic question to ask.

I think I’m happier, and much more able to deal with the crappy things in life, because I’ve become more focused on the positive over the past few years. Sure, it’s hard some days… I won’t deny wigging out now and then because of the hours I work. I get stressed like anyone else — but “hard” isn’t “impossible”.  Certain things in life have seemed impossible before. Thankfully those days are long gone.  Banished away.

This year of being 30 (soon to be 31, eeks), has been an important, crazy, fun, hectic time. I have a million memories already, and I want to remember everything.  I’ve always enjoyed having a record of where I’ve been, and I’ve already been some incredible places this year.

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