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Autumn bliss

 Nearly October…

… Just one more day. I can’t believe it’s finally here. Although it is still pretty warm outside during the day, the cool is creeping in. I get to wear my favorite zip-up hoodie sweatshirt during my commute in the early morning. Lovely.

The air smells clean and fresh.

So…our backyard doesn’t look like this quite yet, (this photo was taken last year),  but it’s coming. There’s a whisper of a chill in the air, and leaves are beginning to tumble. It’s definitely getting dark earlier.

I love autumn and winter so much, I have sometimes wondered if I have Seasonal Affective Disorder in reverse… the colder and darker it gets, the happier I become. Not that I don’t like sunshine and blue skies, I do, at times. But I hate living in the humid armpit of the South. I am ready for hair that behaves itself, ready for sweating for no reason to be  a distant memory, and ready to not have to liberally apply the bug spray every time I want to be outside. I am ready for jeans, cute sweaters, boots, fuzzy socks, and cozying up on the couch underneath blankets with T.

This weekend I am going to start the pumpkin bonanza. I am excited to be able to bake our favorite pumpkin things… and in the appropriate season, no less!

In the words of the indigenous people here in Charlotte… Happy fall, ya’ll!

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