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New year, new decade

“Accept everything about yourself–I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end–no apologies, no regrets.” – Kissinger


As I sit here drinking the last of the Clicquot in a mimosa…my thoughts turn to the start of a new year. What will the new year, this new decade hold for me?

I find “beginnings” exciting – and the start of new year always seems like a fresh start, whether you need one or not.

I know it has been a bad year for many, but 2009 has been a great year for me. Tristan and I both have good jobs and are healthy and happy. We’ve clawed our way through the mire that is love/relationships/life and emerged on the other side, holding hands and smiling. We travelled to Ireland together in 2009. I am happyhappyhappy, and that is not always something I have been able to say.

This is the year that I am going to learn to knit, and to speak Greek.

(Tristan and I are planning on going to Greece in October, and I am already very excited. I make it a point to try to learn at least a little of the language of the place I’m visiting before I go… hence the Greek. Oh, and I’m determined to learn the Greek alphabet as well.  So at least I’ll be able to read signs! I think we will probably splash out and get the Rosetta Stone Greek Language program – it’s expensive, but I’m thinking it will be well worth it).

But I digress…  

I will be 32 this first year of the new decade. I must be more conscious of myself and my needs… Tristan says that my ‘New Year’s Resolution’ should be to be more selfish! I think I need to find more balance, between everything going on in my life. I find myself giving, giving, giving – and while I enjoy it, sometimes I need to take. More time for me… for exercise, for meditation, for writing. More time to see those that I love. I must get back to Illinois soon to see my Gram. Hopefully in February, for a long weekend if nothing else. Then in May I will be taking Tristan back with me so that we can celebrate her 80th birthday. She is an amazing person, and I love her very much. I don’t see her nearly as often as I used to… it’s been just over a year now, and that is too long.

There is a puppy for us on the not-so-distant horizon, which I am terribly excited about. After losing Kensie to oral melanoma in 2008, I think it is time.

My new raise begins on the 4th… huzzah and hooray for a raise, and a job that I enjoy.

In 2010 I will be optimistic, and not as critical of myself. I will focus on making myself as healthy as can be – for me.  

 Here’s to a wonderful, healthy, happy 2010!

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  1. It sounds like you’ had a great 2009 and are going to have an equally great 2010.

    I’m envious of your travels — we rarely travel out of the US as a family. Our vacations tend to be “obligation visits” back to Illinois, where we both grew up once or twice a year.

    We may go to Vancouver this year, but because we’ll be doing a lot of traveling while taking our youngest on college visits, Vancouver might not happen.

    It is our 25th anniversary this year and it is my husband’s turn to plan what we do. (I planned our 20th). He suggested Cape May, NJ — a place I like, I’d hoped for something a little more original. We’ll see.

    Happy New Year!

    January 10, 2010

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