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My garden: a work in progress…


I started container gardening last year, and had a decent supply of early girl and yellow pear tomatoes, orange mini-peppers, a variety of herbs, including scads of beautiful basil all summer long. (Mmmm, fresh pesto!).  


This year, I am aiming higher. A lot higher. In addition to my potted garden this year… (yellow pear tomatoes, basil, Thai basil, cinnamon basil, sage, cilantro, chives, lemon thyme, Italian parsley, Greek oregano, German Johnson heirloom tomato, lavender, crookneck squash, bush cucumber and yellow bell pepper)… I have started a garden. An honest-to-goodness, raised bed vegetable garden.  Tristan bought it for me, after seeing my giddiness at choosing my container garden veggies at Lowes last weekend. I mentioned wanting to grow a few things from seed (that I couldn’t find as starters), and things just went out of control from there…  

My raised bed garden

In my raised bed garden, I have planted… Silver Queen corn, blueberries, more tomatoes and basil, cucumbers, ichiban eggplant, yellow squash; and French Breakfast radishes, a heartier cilantro, green beans, snap peas, spinach and arugula from seed.  

I am a city-girl at heart, who is trying to find some good in living in suburbia. Get this – I am dying to start composting (!!!). While I’ve always been a fan of organic living, it is more imperative now to reduce and/or negate the use of commercial fertilizers now that we have Lilly. She will eat anything and everything! It is going to be hard enough to keep her from stealing a leaf of this, a leaf of that from my veggies. I don’t want to have to worry about her ingesting fertilizer pellets. I am trying to decide on the right (tumbling) composter for us. (Any recommendations??).  

I also planted a couple of mint plants in the corner of my yard, hoping (well, knowing) that they will take over and go to town. I love mojitos in the summer; and am hoping to also benefit from the mint driving the fire ants away.

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  1. How exciting! We don’t have any sun in our backyard — well not enough for tomatoes, but we do have some herbs in pots on our back patio.

    I keep on threatening to grow vegetables in our front yard which gets a whole lot of sun. One of these days it will cease to be an empty threat.

    April 20, 2010

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