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This is what my garden looks like these days… 

My raised bed garden - May 29th, 2010

The squash is proving the hardest to keep up with, currently. The cukes are definitely coming in second. I haven’t had any zucchini to harvest yet, but the plant looks fantastic with lots of blossoms, so hopefully it won’t be long now. I have quite a few green tomatoes, but no hint of color on any of them yet. 

Last night I made a delicious ‘Baked Ratatouille”, with couscous and goat cheese, using mostly veggies from my garden. It was incredible. Tristan loved it too, and that man doesn’t usually like vegetables all that much! 

My patio garden is also doing well… 

Herbs, etc



 There are baby birds in one of my hanging ferns…

I am finding it difficult to water with them in there, (I don’t want to drown them!),  and thus it might be sacrificed for the greater good. I’m okay with that. 

All in all, I am thrilled with the addition of the raised bed garden, to my summer growing adventures. I hope to add another one next summer, in addition to a compost tumbler.
Ah, suburbia. It’s good for something, at least.
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