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Lazy Days of Summer

A quick mid-summer update… 

 I am counting down the days until Jamaica!! We have been saving up and making our payments… which means we haven’t been doing too much in the way of fun or interesting… outside of the house, that is!  Due to the exclusivity and size of Bluefields (read: expensive and teeny tiny), we are paying for our stay upfront. We’re less than two months away from making our final payment – and after that, normal life will resume. As foreign of a concept as entirely paying ahead for a trip is to me, it will be spectacular to have it done and dusted. At that time, we’ll still have 6 weeks until we head down there. Plenty of time to shop for cute clothes and new swimsuits, and to stock up on the sunscreen!  I cannot wait to relax, swim in our private pool, hike in the mountains behind our villa, eat breakfast in bed, meet the local school children etc. It is going to be an AMAZING trip for us.   

"Our part" of Bluefields

 I have been watching my garden burn (quite literally) despite all my watering, in this ridiculous blistering heat we are having. About half of my crops are still producing, but nothing looks very attractive anymore. It was 101 in the shade here on the weekend, and my plants just can’t compete. Two out of my four tomato plants are still in the race, as well as my cucumber plant, eggplant, and all of my herbs. This coming weekend I am going to pull out a good amount, in order to plant my fall crops. 

I have been doing a lot of cooking recently, which I love, but find easy to put off when stress takes its toll during the work-week. I’m making an effort to not let that stand in my way. Cooking is fun for me, and I think I’m pretty darn good at it. In fact last night, while Tristan was helping me in the kitchen, he wondered aloud whether I might want to attend cooking school! I love it, but am not interested in working in restaurants or becoming a chef. Having my own little café has always been a dream of mine though, so you never know. But for now, I’m happy being self-taught. I love experimenting and coming up with new favorite dishes to add to our repertoire. 

 I recently purchased a “GoWearFit“,  and am loving every minute of wearing that goofy-ass arm band. I’m obsessing over my sleep efficiency, etc.  It’s completely addictive. 

 Tristan’s parents have recently adopted a little pup – named Abby. I think we inspired them to do so. I’ve passed along our Cesar book and some bits and pieces that Lilly has outgrown, etc. Our Lilly has grown into a very beautiful, very unique adolescent. She is so loving and playful… we can’t remember life without her. (Well… I remember it a bit on Sundays when it’s time to sleep in. My definition of that has changed, again. It changed when Tristan and I moved in together, and it definitely changed when Lilly came into the picture. I know it will change again in the future, once we have a child). It’s all good though. I’m loving life… albeit with a bit less sleep these days.

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  1. It’s always nice when I see you’ve posted again. Your life seems so interesting.

    Completely envious about your Bluefields trip — I suggested it to my husband, but he rolled his eyes and reminded me about the college bills and my reduced work schedule. Oh well — maybe in my next lifetime.

    I love to cook too — but cooking for my family is a challenge. Vegetarian daughter, wrestler son (during wrestling season he has to be careful) and husband who grew up on a farm and thinks meat and potatoes the only real meal. (although does enjoy pasta and rice, but not too often).

    That GoWearFit thing looks like fun.

    I think that the practice of having a dog is good for when you have children. I’ve maybe slept through the night 10 times since I was pregnant with my first child. Maybe when my son goes off to college can I sleep through the night again. (but not when he’s home on breaks).

    July 29, 2010
  2. Thanks!
    (I don’t feel that interesting). 🙂

    Re: dogs and children – definitely! I’m already sleeping with a baby monitor, for the pup.

    I remember your post about not being able to find Claire, and then finding her asleep in the closet…
    I’m already worried about being a worry-wart parent, and not even pregnant yet!!

    August 12, 2010

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