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A Charleston Wedding…

The Holy City

We were in Charleston last weekend, for a wedding! The groom was Tristan’s friend, (Brandon), and he served as an usher in the wedding. This was a completely Tristan-centric event (unlike the other weddings we’ve attended together), as I had only met most of the “gang” a few times over the course of our relationship. Given that, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, a fabulous time was had by all!! I was honestly a bit surprised at what a good time I had. (which is always a good thing!). It was a weekend full of absolutely gorgeous weather. Charleston is one of my favorite places on earth, and I was thrilled to be there!

We left home bright and early Saturday morning, being Lilly-free after taking her to my parents house late Friday evening. It started out as a lovely drive, stress free, etc… and then, we hit Columbia. After a couple of minor hiccups, we rented a car whose A/C was WORKING, ditched my car at the Columbia airport (grumble, grumble), and made it to Charleston JUST in time for the wedding rehearsal. I dropped T off with his friends and went to check in at the hotel and unload our stuff.

We stayed at The Mills House Hotel on Meeting Street, which I had always heard was beautiful, but had never stayed at. (It is technically a “Holiday Inn” hotel, and thus I stayed away from it for that reason in the past; choosing instead to stay in independent inns or B&Bs). However, this was where the wedding party was staying, and it was beautiful. I’m happy we chose to stay there. (Though I doubt I’d return – opting instead for my usual places).

Mills House – it’s pink!

After the rehearsal was over, I picked the guys up and we headed back to the Mills House to get spruced up for the Rehearsal Dinner…

The dinner was at 82 Queen, about 25 steps away from the hotel. It was lovely dinner for maybe 25-30 of us, hosted by Brandon’s parents. We lingered for hours, and after we could linger no more, the guys went out for a drink at The Blind Tiger Pub. I was exhausted (thanks to my uber-busy schedule ALL the time) and headed up to the room to check email and check out Jane Lynch hosting SNL.

Sunday morning T and I decided to walk across the street to eat breakfast at Poogan’s Porch. After waiting about 15 mins for a table, and enjoying a mimosa at the bar, we were led upstairs to our table.

I had the Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict. Tristan had something along the lines of  “Down Home Breakfast”. We were both a bit underwhelmed. Nothing but the coffee was hot enough for my liking. (Again, during all of my time spent in Charleston prior to this trip, I had never eaten at Poogan’s. I suppose I should just trust my gut, and stay away from the ‘”touristy” spots, regardless of whether our room looked out onto their cute little porch, or not). It wasn’t BAD, by any means – but it wasn’t really good either. Oh, and we didn’t see their ghost.

After changing shoes… (I thought I’d be smart and wear my Avias to walk around town in, to save my feet for my heels later – MISTAKE – I ended up giving myself a blister. How the hell did that happen?!?!)… we headed out to stroll around Charleston and do some light shopping.

The Battery

Waterfront Park

Rainbow Row

I explored the market area  for trinkets for myself, and gifts for others. I ended up with a candle-holder for moi, but put the other souvenirs off until Monday.

Feet inexplicably sore, we headed back to the hotel for Tristan to start getting ready for the wedding. As part of the wedding party, he needed to be there 2 hours before I did. He got dressed, looking particularly handsome, and headed out. I followed suit, and met him over on the other side of the peninsula at The Historic Rice Mill for the ceremony.

Brandon & Laura

The wedding itself was beautiful and very moving. It was by far one of the most gorgeous days I’ve ever experienced. From the views of the marina, to the blue-blue skies, to the emotions expressed by everyone involved, it was a memorable one for sure.

First dance

After the ceremony we headed inside for cocktail hour, and the guys headed out to take more photos – this time with the bride. This was by far the most “uncomfortable” time for me during the weekend – when every single person I knew there was outside taking photos. I stood at the bar, vodka tonic in hand, willing the clock to speed up, and for Tristan to reappear. Awk. Ward. But, it passed, and life goes on…

We sat down for dinner, where there was some (comical) trouble with our table thanks to the wedding planner, and I finally got to have what I had been waiting all weekend for… Shrimp and Grits! It was divine. Tristan, self-proclaimed grits hater, was converted this weekend. (Ha!).  I plan to make a Grits and Roasted Veggie dish this weekend, with grits purchased in Charleston.

After dinner and cake, we headed out to the patio where we remained for most of the evening. There were drinks flowing, cigars smoking, mosquitos biting (me!), and lots of laughter to be had.

When it came time to leave the Rice Mill, we made plans to meet up back in town at The Rooftop Bar. There I was finally able to talk to the bride and reminisce. Now, we don’t know each other that well, but we do have former acquaintances in common from the past (like 2004, past). So that was fun. She was still rocking her wedding dress, and scoring free drinks. She was a very calm bride, and I admired that about her.

We left the bar before anyone else… because we are OLD now. 🙂

Monday… We slept in a bit (see the aforementioned drinking! ha!), ordered room service, packed up and checked out. After saying goodbye to some of T’s friends, we headed out to do some more shopping. I knew that I wanted to bring home pralines (world-famous!) for our parents; and that I wanted to get a gift for Gracie (who turned a year old while I was away!).

As afternoon rolled around, it was clearly time to head home… we were tiring out, and I was anxious to get home to Lilly! (I certainly miss her when I travel! But I knew  that she was in good hands, living it up with Bella).

All in all, it was a fantastic and busy weekend away. The bride and groom are in Belize on their honeymoon right now, and I wish them all the best. I hope that we can  get together with them again later this fall. Soon it will be our turn to go away… we leave for Jamaica in a week!


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  1. Thanks for the comment! I couldn’t believe that person actually told Amalah she was selfish for being happy she wasn’t having a miscarriage. What a troll.

    Looks like it was a beautiful wedding — I have a lot of family in the Charleston area, it’s beautiful down there.

    Have fun in Jamaica! (Can I tell you how jealous I am???)

    October 19, 2010

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