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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I SO enjoyed my four days off in a row! When does that ever happen? Well, okay when I take my many, many trips… but being at home for four days, was bliss. Bliss!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at my parent’s house… just the four of us. (Well, I should say the six of us… as Bella and Lilly were there too). My little brother is in California for a few months, and wasn’t able to come home.  Tristan’s parents attend their large extended-family gathering for Thanksgiving every year, and we don’t attend those events. So we are usually at my parent’s house for holiday meals. (Though I am lobbying to host Christmas dinner at our place this year… so stay tuned!). 

I didn’t end up with many photos of the spread… ? But here are a few…

tday3  tday2

tday4  tday1



tday10 tday6




Happy holiday season!

Time to put up the tree, and get  shopping!!



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