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O Tannenbaum

I am happy to report that it is still standing! Lilly isn’t all that interested in it… only a little. She’s been great, actually.

Here are some photos of the decorating that has occurred in the B/H household over the past couple of weeks…

Before you can decorate the tree… you have to buy it!

We bought a beautiful local NC Fraser Fir.

Tristan ponders...

Which one to choose?

It's perfect!


 Tristan helping to trim the tree…


Ornaments from my past… both distant, and not quite so distant…

Biltmore Company ornament, 2006


Made for me by my cousin Jason, in 1980












Many, many ornaments painted by my Mom…


Ornaments that represent places I have been… and places that we have discovered together…




New ornaments for this year…




I'm covered in lights!

It's all about teamwork!

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  1. Can I just say.. that I loveeee the mirror above your fireplace!!!

    December 17, 2010
  2. So cute! I love shopping for Christmas trees & decorating, etc. It’s so much fun! Your place looks cute!

    December 18, 2010
  3. What a pretty tree!

    We just got ours today. My daughter and her roommate decorated it — it seemed empty and after they left I found more ornaments.

    December 19, 2010
  4. carascravings #

    Nice tree decor!
    It looks great.

    December 20, 2010
  5. Your tree looks absolutely gorgeous!

    December 21, 2010

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