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What I Ate Wednesday


That sound would be me, jumping on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon.


‘Bout time, right? It seems everyone is doing this, and I’m as nosy as they come, so why not?


As always, my morning starts out with either a small glass of OJ, or, a glass of water with lemon. This morning I was too rushed to wash and cut the darn lemon – so OJ it was. (Yes, that is ice in my OJ. Love it that way).

am oj wiaw1

As I ran out the door for my commute to work, I grabbed my iced coffee. I’m OBSESSED with coffee, and though my morning cup ‘o joe varies with the seasons and my moods, (extra-hot latte, iced latte, drip from my Cuisinart, French pressed, or this – iced French press), right now I’m deep in an iced coffee rut. And I’m okay with that. It’s been fiendishly hot in Charlotte already this spring (yes, still technically spring! I’m dreading the summer), so this hits the spot. This has just a splash of half & half in it. Mmm.

am coffee wiaw1

Breakfast, which I don’t have time to enjoy at home – it has to be schlepped to work with me – was a green smoothie and half a spelt English muffin (homemade) with almond butter (homemade).

breakfast wiaw1

Mid-morning – the kiddos and I went to the local Farmer’s Market to show our love, and stopped at the coffee shop for a treat… Iced Americano for me (which I only drank about half of), and apple juice and cookie from the Farmer’s Mkt for them!)

am snack wiaw1kiddos wiaw1

Lunch  – was a behemoth salad made up of lettuce (local), cucumber, yellow pepper, celery, tomato (local), broccoli, cauliflower, navy beans, pine nuts, and garlic & chive goat cheese (local). Dressed with a little bit of evoo and aged balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper. On the side I had the other half of my spelt English muffin (homemade), toasted and a little baby peach (local). Also, unsweetened iced tea.

lunch wiaw1lunch2 wiaw1

Mid-afternoon – I enjoyed one of my ‘Essential Bars’ (homemade) and seltzer!

snack wiaw1

seltzer wiaw1

Throughout the day, I also drank this:

lemon water wiaw1

Dinner – Tristan and I did not eat dinner together tonight, due to our schedules – so the “need” to “cook” wasn’t pressing… and I was busy puppy-wrangling and editing through my Asheville trip photos.

I whipped up an egg (local) with sautéed zucchini (local), onion, yellow pepper and a handful of spinach.  The zucchini was actually stolen from my Mom’s garden while she’s on vacation this week! (Thanks Mom!). I dotted the scramble with Cholula. It was light on eggs, and heavy on veggies tonight.

I also had a small piece of Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat  toast with a dab of real butter.

dinner wiaw1dinner2 wiaw1

And a glass of Vinho Verde. (There was another glass of wine later, as well!).

Evening snack  – was half a container of 2% Fage with berries (all local!), a sprinkle of granola (homemade), and a drizzle of honey (local).

Enjoyed at the computer while typing up this post!

So, that was my first WIAW… hope it went okay!



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  1. It went more than okay! you rocked it! =) Hope you had fun doing your first WIAW! ❤ thanks for getting your foodie on with us!!!!

    that salad… its gorgeous by the way. just beautiful! ❤ mwah!

    June 9, 2011
  2. You eat so healthily it shames me because I don’t., however this comment is not about that.

    Did I miss something? Where did the children come from?

    June 16, 2011
    • The kiddos, J & G, are my job. 🙂

      I’m currently working as a full-time Nanny, and have been with them since J (who is now 3.5 years old) was 10 weeks old.

      (I’ve mentioned them a handful of times, but I don’t tend to go on and on about them – for privacy’s sake). 🙂


      June 16, 2011
  3. Ah, okay! 🙂

    June 22, 2011

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