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What I Ate Wednesday–lazy edition

This week has been frazzling. Go, go, go… with no time to stop and think, until today. I am heading out-of-town tomorrow, so haven’t been doing much in the cooking department this week for two reasons. 1). I don’t have my normal amount of fresh produce and groceries due to my upcoming trip and 2). I don’t necessarily want to cook and have leftovers b/c of said trip.

So, this brings me to WIAW, the lazy edition. Enjoy!

Coffee – another day, another iced coffee enjoyed on the drive in to work.


Breakfast – Overnight Oats in a jar, which is quickly becoming my favorite summertime breakfast. My personal favorite blend is that of rolled oats, chia seeds, half a banana, Greek yogurt, 2% organic milk, splash of vanilla, pinch of salt – with a nice puddle of homemade maple cinnamon almond butter in the bottom (about 1 TBSP).

breakfast wiaw2

Midmorning – an iced Americano was enjoyed, that somehow went unpictured? Ooops.

Lunch – Sharp white cheddar sandwich, on GH Honey Whole Wheat (1 pc.) with lettuce and tomato (both local). Carrots, celery and orange pepper on the side (and extra tomato!). I also had a small handful of chips (impulse purchase at it’s best!).

lunch wiaw2chips wiaw2

Iced Tea (half black/half passion – seen above), and water rounded out the beverages this afternoon.

water wiaw2

Snack – local blueberries and kiwi, with seltzer

snack wiaw2

Dinner – Cereal. Yep. That’s how I roll. This was a new cereal to me, Kashi Simply Maize; with local blueberries and 2% organic milk. (There was also wine, that went unpictured. There is always wine).

dinner wiaw2



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  1. cereal for dinner nights are my fav =) and yes — always wine ❤

    June 17, 2011
  2. My 2nd coffee usually goes unpictured too – haha. I’m not sure why, but I just always forget it 🙂

    I LOVE cereal for dinner. It’s my go-to home-alone dinner! I love that you paired it with wine. Haha. Amazing.

    June 17, 2011

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