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WIAW–Beach Vacation Splurge!

Here are my eats, from a day at the beach…

A.M. – up before the sunrise, with a cup of cinnamon hazelnut coffee. The only flavored coffee I ever drink, is at one particular coffee shop, once a week. Elgin, the owner, gave us some of my favorite flavor to take on our beach trip, on the house. Two cups were had bright and early…

coffee at sunrisecoffee2

After watching the sunrise, I ate a mini-Larabar for fuel, before taking a bike ride down to the Southern tip of the island. After a sandy stroll, some obligatory photography and just as obligatory shell-hunting, I headed back via bike.

lara snack

Back at the temporary casa, it was time for the real-deal breakfast… Iced coffee and a fabulous yogurt parfait.

beach breakfast1yog parfait1

This parfait was Blueberry Chobani, layered with strawberries, blueberries and banana; along with chia seeds and some Bear Naked Fruit & Nut granola. We had a lovely little coffee table with rocking chairs on the 2nd floor porch to sit and enjoy our meals outside at.

Lunch was enjoyed on the porch as well, with some Caprese salad, and a tuna, white bean, arugula salad (both homemade). And some Chardonnay! Why not? I’m on vacation!

fancy beach lunch

Mid-afternoon, I enjoyed another glass of wine and a handful of TJ’s peanut butter filled pretzels. It’s been ages since I’d had those… and man were they delicious!

wine and pretzels

Then, a very rare treat….

rare treat

I happen to love Diet Coke… BUT, I know it’s chemical-laden crap, so I don’t drink it very often.

I also had a bottle of Perrier out on the beach in the afternoon, unpictured.

Wine (yes, again!) at sunset, before heading out to dinner…

wine at sunset2wine at sunset

Dinner – at BlueWater  for their famous crab cakes, and yes, more wine (!). The crab cakes were served atop a humongous pile of red beans and rice, and a frankly rather piddly amount of sautéed fresh snow peas. I wish the amounts had been reversed; but it was delicious, nonetheless. I probably ate about 40% of the rice that was given to me, along with every last bite of crab cake and snow peas, and was stuffed. crabcakes1

Midnight snack – (did I say I was stuffed from dinner?). Late in the evening, we ventured out on our bikes for some frozen custard at Kohl’s. I got a small 1 scoop cup with half a scoop of vanilla and half a scoop of chocolate. So very rich, and it melted into custard soup in a heartbeat!


This was a very unusual day of eats for me – and definitely quite splurgy. Between the copious amounts of wine, the pretzels, the Diet Coke, the white rice and the frozen custard… I ate a lot of things that I normally try to stay away from, and/or consider treats. But it was worth it…  a totally great day of eats!


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  1. Can I just say this may be my favorite WIAW EVER! Wine, beach, iced coffee, apple pie lara bar, OMG i can’t take it.

    August 24, 2011
  2. Ohh my goodness. Beautiful photos! I miss the beach. Lucky you. 🙂

    August 29, 2011

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