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The second weekend in September here in Charlotte, means one thing to me… Greek Fest!

I’ve been going to the Yiasou Greek Fest since I first moved to Charlotte in the 6th grade. We used to walk there for a field-trip from my Elementary school… and the tradition continued into adulthood. Any year that I’ve been living in Charlotte come September, that is where I will be.

It’s a big, loud, Greek party – that has been going strong since 1978 (just like me!)

Highlights…  Mythos beer, Spanakopita, Frappe, and Greek coffee… ohhhh, the coffee.

greek fest15 (2)

greek fest12

greek fest11

greek fest1

greek fest4

greek fest5

greek fest6

greek fest7

greek fest2

greek fest3

greek fest8

greek fest9

greek fest10

greek fest13

greek fest14

After getting our fill of the festival and deciding it was time for dinner, we scoped out the food lines, and finding the line for Gyros and Kota Pitas (T’s choices) particularly massive, we decided to take our food to go. Thankfully, the Yiasou fest has a drive-thru! We picked up what turned out to be a ton of food to take home and enjoy on the comfy couch, while catching up with Fringe on Blu-Ray.

I had the Baked Fish, which came with all sorts of sides. I broke my “only local humane meat” rule and sampled a bit of everything… from the dolmade to the pastichio. All delicious. And then… there was dessert…greek fest15

greek fest16

greek fest17

greek fest18

greek fest20

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