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Taste of Home

I was born and raised in Illinois, and my extended family lives there to this day. My parents still own our former house there (which my Dad built, and they now rent out). My Mom goes back about every 8 weeks or so to help out my Gram. I get back as often as I can, which let’s face it – isn’t often enough. I love it there. I was raised in a small town that had a population of less than 2,000 when I was growing up. No stoplights. No fast-food restaurants. (They now have both). My best friend/neighbor was homeschooled, did not have a TV, was in 4-H and had a horse named Nettie. There was an apple orchard in our “neighborhood”  (which was made up of a private lane with 7 houses on it). Nowadays when I imagine living in that environment , it gives me the shakes. No thank you. I’m a city girl now. But, back then – I loved it. It was quaint and perfect. Let’s just say, my IL roots run deep.

My Dad had to be back in IL for work (his company is based there) for a couple of weeks at the end of September, and as he drove up there (crazy man!), he offered to bring home anything that we wanted.


After hearing all of my requests… he might have regretted offering.

First I asked him to get me some Schlafly Pumpkin Ale.  It is unavailable here in NC, and I’ve heard it is one of the kings of pumpkin beer (which I adore). Done and done.

 schlafly pumpkin ale

Second, he brought me a huge bag of apples from our neighbor’s apple orchard. That’s right, I grew up across from an apple orchard. Benny & Shirley gave me my first job (when I was in single digits!)… picking up the apples that had fallen from the trees. I distinctly remember… I could choose to get paid $3… OR… get a gallon of their homemade apple cider as payment. I always chose the cider. I was a foodie even in the 1980s!

peck of IL apples

I also asked my Dad to hunt down some canned pumpkin. I had just gotten wind of the pumpkin shortage, and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find any down here in Charlotte. Libby’s Pumpkin is based in Morton, IL  – where something like 95% of the canned pumpkin sold worldwide is processed. And most of that pumpkin is grown with 50 miles of the processing plant there. Morton is just a town over from where I grew up, so in a way canned pumpkin has always seemed a bit like a “local product” to me.

Well, he is accepted this challenge… and then some. This is what my current pumpkin stash looks like today, thanks to my Dad hunting down every can between Illinois and North Carolina…

29 cans of pumpkin

(It has grown even since my last post).

He also brought me a stash of my Grandpa’s old canning jars. I have become obsessed with Ball jars over the past couple of years, and am constantly collecting them. I’ll have to buy new rings and lids for these, but otherwise I’ll be set for a long time!

grandpa's jars

My Gram and Grandpa used to do a LOT of canning back in the day. I really wish my Grandpa was around today to see just how interested I’ve become in all of his old loves… (gardening, canning, etc). Unfortunately he has been gone from us for 14 years now. It’s hard to believe it has been that long.

It was such a treat to get these goodies from Illinois… Thanks, Dad!

I’ve eaten at least an apple a day, since receiving my stash – and I swear I’ve hardly made a dent in my supply. Yum.


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  1. Dear VM aka Angie,

    When the news announces a severe shortage of Libby’s pumpkin I’ll send them knocking on your door…

    Glad you like pumpkin — except for maybe pumpkin muffins I don’t really like the taste. You can have my share of pumpkin this year, okay?


    CW aka Dona (also from Illinois, but you knew that)

    October 15, 2011
  2. Alright, so reading through your blog, I think you and I share a brain! I LOVE pumpkin ale, period. But Schlafly is probably my favorite. Well… It might be tied with Dogfish. I’m also partial because it’s local. 🙂

    October 16, 2011
  3. I never had pumpkin ale, would love to try it some time. I don’t know if I can find it here in DC.

    October 18, 2011
  4. Love that you got paid in cider!

    October 21, 2011

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