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How Many?

It is December. Also known as the month where I am too busy for words.

Trips to IKEA in the past week:  TWO

Trying to figure out WTF are we doing with the kitchen!?! This kitchen must die.

death to this kitchen


ikea kitchen shopping

Come to me, wooden countertop. I love you.

ikea kitchen shopping2

Tristan: Currently thinking WTF!?! While contemplating the fact that we have to paint the ENTIRE house…


Veggies eaten: A GAZILLION

I have been trying to fight off the plague (aka one of the nuggets had strep – and I can NOT get sick this month!); so I’ve been fueling myself with goodness.

green smoothiesgrapefruitorange chix sesame kaletofu honey mustard saladrainbow dinner2bburgers ala jenny2

Miles on the treadmill so far this week:  TEN!

Sweat it out, baby. Sweat it out.

X-mas presents purchased:  ZERO

Send elves!


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  1. A) I would kill for that kitchen!
    B) Those burgers look delicious. 😉
    C) Bahahahaha “send elves.”

    December 9, 2011
  2. Sesame seeds! Your seedy greens reminded me that I have been without these little guys for way too long! It’s amazing how much flavor they can add (and calcium too!). Thanks for the reminder and good luck with gifting!

    December 12, 2011

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