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The Walking Dead

(and TMI…)

 I’ve been MIA lately, or rather, M-I-N-A (Missing in NON-action). I haven’t been up to much, beside trying not to die. Okay, so that is a tad extremely dramatic. But it has been a rough 2 weeks…

I haven’t been posting b/c I don’t have anything interesting to say…. Or the energy to say it, even if I did. I’m fighting a UTI/kidney infection. Not very well, I might add.

 I finished one five-day course of my 2nd antibiotic. (My first one, Bactrim, had NASTY side-effects that I didn’t enjoy. I quit it after 2 doses, and went back for a second option.  However, on the last couple of days on my 2nd antibiotic, Cipro, I had some nasty side-effects as well. Apparently I am allergic to both of those meds. Fun, fun).  Before this ordeal, I can’t tell you the last time I was on an antibiotic. It’s been a looooong time, and it was probably a Z-pak for a sinus infection. I haven’t had a UTI in probably 8 or 9 years; but I recall one self-diagnosed bout with one while living in England; which I knocked-out on my own with cranberry/herbal remedies; so this is all new to me, again. As it stands now, I am on my THIRD antibiotic, Macrobid, for 7 days and really hoping that this finally knocks the infection on its ass.  My body does NOT like taking antibiotics. This is painfully clear. But, I don’t have any other options.

Another not so great aspect of all of this is that I am also having all sorts of back pain that has me Googling more serious kidney issues like mad. I’ve been to the Minute Clinic once, and my Dr.’s office twice. I have yet another appointment already scheduled for next Thursday, to hopefully tell me that everything is back to normal.  We shall see. Up until this, I have had a rather healthy winter; but spending so much time in germ-infested Doctor’s offices and waiting rooms, has me wanting to take extra good care of myself. I’ve been trying to keep up the fruit and veg, and green monsters, too. And Emergen-C (which pretty much goes against most of my rules – but I SWEAR by it). I’ve also been told to lay off the treadmill for the duration of this, which is driving me crazy. I feel like if I could get some exercise in, I would have more energy, ya know?

I have been keeping up with everyone’s blogs but not contributing much myself. I just feel blah. I’m too miserable to write anything clever or remotely interesting.

Keep in mind – this is a work-through-the-pain and ickiness kind of illness.  I haven’t taken a sick day from work throughout all of this – and have been at my job every day alive and kicking. Well, alive anyways.

To add insult to injury, I have been told to stay off alcohol for the duration of this ordeal. I so enjoy my glass of wine after a hard day of work to help me unwind, so I’m extremely pouty about this as well.  😦

Happy it is the weekend? Yes-indeedy! Tonight my sweetie has offered to get Mellow Mushroom take-out for dinner. Nothing a little Kosmic Karma can’t fix, right?

I promise to be back with more next week, as I start to feel better…




It seems that just about everyone is sick these days! Are you..?

I’ve had not one, but TWO (!!) colds in September. I can thank blame J starting preschool, for that. When he has gotten sick in the past, I’ve always been fairly able to stay away from getting TOO close to him; and thus, with the help of my supplements and healthy eating, avoid the cold. However, with G in the picture now, that is MUCH harder. There are TWO kids that get sick, and it’s much more difficult to stay away from a not-even-1-year old…

Tell me…  could you resist this face?!?!


This last cold of mine even took Tristan down… and “he never gets sick”. (I might be quoting AND mocking him. Yep). Thankfully we are both on the mend now, but these germies seem reluctant to give up without a fight.

The month I have been waiting for is finally here!! We have an extremely busy and FUN October planned, and I think I’ve suffered enough! Plus, the state of NC might be sending the authorities after us if we have to buy any more Sudafed…