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Bigger than your stomach!

Holy cow.

No, really. It would take a cow to fill this monstrosity with milk.

Have you seen this?

Starbucks has created a new size of drink called the Trenta. It will be available for iced drinks only (hot drinks would never STAY hot enough in that giant cup in the time it would take you to finish them, I imagine!)


Now, I love coffee. Looooooove coffee. And caffeine in general. I drink unsweetened iced tea every day (yes, even in winter!) for my midday/afternoon caffeine fix. I have a latte (also unsweetened) every weekday morning, and pots of French Press coffee on the weekends. I LOVE coffee. (All of these things, I might add, I make at home). I do occasionally go to Starbucks (they ARE convenient, there is no denying that), for lattes or chai tea (I am NOT a fan of their coffee – disgusting sludge, if you ask me) – in fact, I went by there this afternoon for a Tall Chai Tea Latte. Tall. As in 12 ounces. Plenty. More than enough even, as I didn’t quite finish it.

Tell me, WHY do we need 31 ounces of Starbucks at one sitting?!?! And just HOW would you ever leave the bathroom after drinking one?

Will YOU try a Trenta?



Fan Club

I have a fan club.

There are a handful of girls out there, that like to keep up with my life. I won’t afford them the credit of calling them women, as a key component of womanhood – MATURITY- is severely lacking in them. (Even though they are in their mid to late twenties). Labeling it as an interest in me, would be putting it mildly. They obsess over me… over things that I do, places I go, the company I keep.

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