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Last night Tristan and I had a “date night” at Cowfish Sushi & Burger Bar . Yes, Sushi and burgers. Burgushi, to be exact!



They have a really fun eclectic menu, as well as interesting cocktails and spiked milkshakes! I ordered the Thai Breeze cocktail…

menu shot

and Tristan had a Kirin Ichiban beer. We split the Crab Rangoon Dip for an appetizer… yum! Hot, gooey, and creamy with crispy wonton chips and sweet chili sauce. Not exactly healthy, but what the hell. For dinner I was craving sushi, and Tristan was feeling a burger (as always!). He chose the Cowfish Original, with Boursin cheese and avocado, and declared it he best burger he’d had in a long time. I didn’t have a bite, so I will just have to take his word on that. The sweet potato fries were dee-licious though. I must get those when I go back. For my entrée, I chose the…

Mad Mango-Cado Roll — Shrimp tempura and kani roll coated with tempura flakes, topped with slices of fresh mango and avocado. Drizzled with our signature sweet sauce.

… made with brown rice. One thing I loved about the sushi here, is that they will make it with brown rice (for $1 extra). It is difficult to find a good sushi restaurant that is willing to offer that option, in my experience.

My gigantic roll was beautiful; however, I don’t have a photo of it, because I fail at being a food blogger. (wah, waahh).

Tristan tried a Classic Chocolate shake for dessert, while I had a cup of Masala Chai hot tea to wind up our meal.

We had reservations for 7:45pm, although I’m not entirely sure they were necessary. We had heard that it can get slammed, so better safe than sorry I figured! Although we enjoyed the food and atmosphere immensely, our server was just “okay”.  She wasn’t very friendly and didn’t seem to have a lot of personality. Or perhaps she was just having an “off” night, who knows.  We were jealous of the table next to us, who had a server that was just full of life, and seemed to enjoy explaining the Cowfish concept and menu to them. Next time I want him as our server. Oh, and I want to sit on the outdoor patio!

It took us a while to jump on the Cowfish bandwagon, but now that we have, we are definitely fans. I foresee another trip there soon, for another fabulous date night!