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WIAW – Autumn In My Tummy


It’s that time again…  What I Ate Wednesday! Better yet, the first one of the fall… Where every meal contained a winter squash! Pumpkin, butternut and spaghetti squash… oh my!


iced coffee leavespump pie oiaj2pump pie oiaj1good to the last drop

Iced coffee, and Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats in a jar.

Mid-morning pick-me-up…

cuppa tea

A nice hot cuppa.


veggie-ful lunch

My Minestrone soup (contains butternut squash – recipe coming later today), raw veggies (carrots, cukes and peppers) and lightened-up hummus, with iced tea for hydration (and caffeine!).


spag cheese squash

Spaghetti squash, roasted with garlic and olive oil, with a simple marinara sauce and 1 oz of parmesan cheese. And an unpictured glass of vino, naturally.

Yet another day that I am so happy that I eat seasonally.



WIAW–Nothing Fancy

Despite the fact that I did my “big” shopping last weekend (meaning $100+ at both EarthFare AND Trader Joe’s each; along with a basic HT run for $45), it hasn’t been showing in my food this week. Wha? Who knows. Call it busyness, laziness, and the desire to eat “comfort food”. Also, I seem to have forgotten how to buy vegetables at the grocery store, as opposed to the Farmers Market. The FM is a leeetle slow these days, being in that limbo space between summer and fall. I believe in buying seasonally (within reason), and am a bit stuck right now. So, don’t be appalled at the dire lack of green veggies here…

I. Am. Aware. Smile

This WIAW features a distinct lack of green veggies, and a low-key birthday celebration… enjoy!

 The past two mornings I’ve eaten this…

yogurt smoosh

In the mix:

Total 2% Plain Greek Yogurt

TBSP HoneyCrunch Peanut Butter (homemade)

TBSP Strawberry Rhubarb Jam (gift from Gram)

2 Mini Banana Oat Bran Muffins (homemade – recipe coming this afternoon!)

Sprinkle of chia seeds

As much as I love my yogurt smooshes, this is an unusual combo for me. I’m usually all about the fresh fruit and crunchy granola on top of my yogurt… but this is a nice compromise, before moving into my staple hot oats of autumn.

I’m still on the iced coffee, but foresee switching back to my beloved lattes and French press soon. Well… as soon as it ceases being 80-something degrees here every. damn. day!

coffee yogurt

Lunch has also been on repeat this week…

beans goat ricecakessweet pots

In the mix:

2 Lundberg Brown Rice Cakes

1/2 c. Refried beans

1 oz goat cheese

Cholula, salt, pepper


leftover homemade sweet potato “fries”, with a big dollop of organic ketchup on top, served cold. (Yes, I like my leftover sweet potato fries cold. Always).

Where is the green!?!!?!?

Afternoon snack of a LOCAL apple (hooray for apple season!)


Yesterday happened to be my Mom’s birthday. As my Dad was out-of-town on business, and Tristan was hanging with the guys, I took her out for a “nothing fancy” girls birthday dinner out.


Our first stop was Dish  for a local OMB beer and veggie plates for both of us.

(I don’t have any pics from here, as it was exceptionally dark at our table).

I had the Three Vegetable Plate with…

Smoky Lima Beans, Mashed Red-skinned Potatoes, Collards (GREEN!!!), a deliciously fluffy biscuit and half a deviled-egg.

For dessert and coffee, we trekked over to Amelie’s

car brownie

Salted Caramel Brownie, anyone?

mom ameliesbday gift

Bella was there to greet us, when I dropped my Mom back off at her house. Cute puppy pics, just because!


I didn’t get home until after 11pm, which is insanely late for me on a weeknight. (Oooh, wild-child!). Needless to say, I’m knackered today. ZzZzZzZzZzZz.


WIAW – Pancakes and Pesto!

It’s that time again… thanks Jenn!


Our Sunday morning started out with from-scratch whole wheat blueberry pancakes and coffee.  With a side of gorgeous flowers from the Farmers’ Market.

pancakes and flowers

They may not be the prettiest pancakes on the block – but they tasted amazing. Does anyone else have trouble making attractive blueberry pancakes? I can make the most beautiful, fluffy, regular whole wheat pancake – but as soon as I add blueberries, the jig is up. They never look pretty! bloob pancakes

A lazy lunch included some tuna salad (made with Greek yogurt, a smidge of mayo, navy beans, diced carrots and celery, dill, salt and pepper) along with a Honeycrisp apple and some ‘Food Should Taste Good’ Multigrain chip-ers.

wiaw tuna lunch

Dinner was Pesto Potato Pasta (recipe will be posted tomorrow – check back!) … whole wheat penne with homemade, garden-fresh pesto, roasted fingerling potatoes, and topped with parmesan curls. Salad was romaine, kalamata olives, pine nuts, sungold cherry tomatoes, feta, and peppers.

This dinner was so incredibly fresh and amazing!

pesto pastawiaw saladpesto pasta1

WIAW–Beach Vacation Splurge!

Here are my eats, from a day at the beach…

A.M. – up before the sunrise, with a cup of cinnamon hazelnut coffee. The only flavored coffee I ever drink, is at one particular coffee shop, once a week. Elgin, the owner, gave us some of my favorite flavor to take on our beach trip, on the house. Two cups were had bright and early…

coffee at sunrisecoffee2

After watching the sunrise, I ate a mini-Larabar for fuel, before taking a bike ride down to the Southern tip of the island. After a sandy stroll, some obligatory photography and just as obligatory shell-hunting, I headed back via bike.

lara snack

Back at the temporary casa, it was time for the real-deal breakfast… Iced coffee and a fabulous yogurt parfait.

beach breakfast1yog parfait1

This parfait was Blueberry Chobani, layered with strawberries, blueberries and banana; along with chia seeds and some Bear Naked Fruit & Nut granola. We had a lovely little coffee table with rocking chairs on the 2nd floor porch to sit and enjoy our meals outside at.

Lunch was enjoyed on the porch as well, with some Caprese salad, and a tuna, white bean, arugula salad (both homemade). And some Chardonnay! Why not? I’m on vacation!

fancy beach lunch

Mid-afternoon, I enjoyed another glass of wine and a handful of TJ’s peanut butter filled pretzels. It’s been ages since I’d had those… and man were they delicious!

wine and pretzels

Then, a very rare treat….

rare treat

I happen to love Diet Coke… BUT, I know it’s chemical-laden crap, so I don’t drink it very often.

I also had a bottle of Perrier out on the beach in the afternoon, unpictured.

Wine (yes, again!) at sunset, before heading out to dinner…

wine at sunset2wine at sunset

Dinner – at BlueWater  for their famous crab cakes, and yes, more wine (!). The crab cakes were served atop a humongous pile of red beans and rice, and a frankly rather piddly amount of sautéed fresh snow peas. I wish the amounts had been reversed; but it was delicious, nonetheless. I probably ate about 40% of the rice that was given to me, along with every last bite of crab cake and snow peas, and was stuffed. crabcakes1

Midnight snack – (did I say I was stuffed from dinner?). Late in the evening, we ventured out on our bikes for some frozen custard at Kohl’s. I got a small 1 scoop cup with half a scoop of vanilla and half a scoop of chocolate. So very rich, and it melted into custard soup in a heartbeat!


This was a very unusual day of eats for me – and definitely quite splurgy. Between the copious amounts of wine, the pretzels, the Diet Coke, the white rice and the frozen custard… I ate a lot of things that I normally try to stay away from, and/or consider treats. But it was worth it…  a totally great day of eats!


I’m late, I’m late for WIAW!


Until the weather changes, this isn’t going to change… Iced Coffee. Every day is a good day for iced coffee, to go!

wiaw coffee

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What I Ate Wednesday – Tomato, Tomahto

Go check out the lovely Jenn over at Peas & Crayons to see lots more delicious eats!

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What I Ate Wednesday–Mexi-Madness (apparently)!

When I sat down to do my WIAW post, I started to notice a theme… apparently I made no fewer than three Mexican type meals this week. I started to work on my post, and then ended up having a completely crappy day, so this will be brief and nearly wordless.

This past week featured my Tamale Pie (I am still perfecting the recipe – it’s not quite there yet)… my Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas… and Lazy Tostada Tacos. Along with a visit to Yoforia, baking up some Red, White and Blue bread, Tristan’s first S’mores experience, juicy local watermelon, and local goat cheese and garden tomato crackers. Yum! (I promise there were green things eaten, too – it just doesn’t look like it, does it?)

tamale pietamale pie slice

yoforiared white blue bread

enchiladas spbbenchilasseltzer wiawtostada tacoswater watertomato goat cheese crackers



What I Ate Wednesday–Farmer’s Market Edition!


This day started out at the Farmer’s Market, and a huge percentage of the food I consumed came from there as well, in one form or another.

Breakfast – Coffee with cream (x2 cups), and a special treat made by my friend Ursula. These were little plum tarts with an orange-flavored crust. Not very sweet… just the way I like things! We tend to take turns baking something to bring to the market to enjoy for breakfast. Usually it is something whole-grain, but these were a delicious exception!

Farmers Market coffee

A.M. Snack – was a green smoothie.

wiaw smoothie1

Lunch – was a chopped salad made up of cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes (all local), along with an ounce of cubed-up white sharp cheddar cheese, and a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

wiaw snack

Dinner – was grilled bbq chicken (local), grilled baby squash and zucchini (local) with sautéed green beans (local). Also, a glass of white wine, and a glass of seltzer or two (both unpictured).

wiaw dinner1

Dessert/Snack – Some healthified Blueberry Peach Crumble (that I made in the afternoon – with local blueberries and peaches from the market. RECIPE TO COME later this week!), with a scooplette of all natural vanilla ice cream. Yum!

, blue crumble


What I Ate Wednesday–lazy edition

This week has been frazzling. Go, go, go… with no time to stop and think, until today. I am heading out-of-town tomorrow, so haven’t been doing much in the cooking department this week for two reasons. 1). I don’t have my normal amount of fresh produce and groceries due to my upcoming trip and 2). I don’t necessarily want to cook and have leftovers b/c of said trip.

So, this brings me to WIAW, the lazy edition. Enjoy!

Coffee – another day, another iced coffee enjoyed on the drive in to work.


Breakfast – Overnight Oats in a jar, which is quickly becoming my favorite summertime breakfast. My personal favorite blend is that of rolled oats, chia seeds, half a banana, Greek yogurt, 2% organic milk, splash of vanilla, pinch of salt – with a nice puddle of homemade maple cinnamon almond butter in the bottom (about 1 TBSP).

breakfast wiaw2

Midmorning – an iced Americano was enjoyed, that somehow went unpictured? Ooops.

Lunch – Sharp white cheddar sandwich, on GH Honey Whole Wheat (1 pc.) with lettuce and tomato (both local). Carrots, celery and orange pepper on the side (and extra tomato!). I also had a small handful of chips (impulse purchase at it’s best!).

lunch wiaw2chips wiaw2

Iced Tea (half black/half passion – seen above), and water rounded out the beverages this afternoon.

water wiaw2

Snack – local blueberries and kiwi, with seltzer

snack wiaw2

Dinner – Cereal. Yep. That’s how I roll. This was a new cereal to me, Kashi Simply Maize; with local blueberries and 2% organic milk. (There was also wine, that went unpictured. There is always wine).

dinner wiaw2



What I Ate Wednesday


That sound would be me, jumping on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon.


‘Bout time, right? It seems everyone is doing this, and I’m as nosy as they come, so why not?


As always, my morning starts out with either a small glass of OJ, or, a glass of water with lemon. This morning I was too rushed to wash and cut the darn lemon – so OJ it was. (Yes, that is ice in my OJ. Love it that way).

am oj wiaw1

As I ran out the door for my commute to work, I grabbed my iced coffee. I’m OBSESSED with coffee, and though my morning cup ‘o joe varies with the seasons and my moods, (extra-hot latte, iced latte, drip from my Cuisinart, French pressed, or this – iced French press), right now I’m deep in an iced coffee rut. And I’m okay with that. It’s been fiendishly hot in Charlotte already this spring (yes, still technically spring! I’m dreading the summer), so this hits the spot. This has just a splash of half & half in it. Mmm.

am coffee wiaw1

Breakfast, which I don’t have time to enjoy at home – it has to be schlepped to work with me – was a green smoothie and half a spelt English muffin (homemade) with almond butter (homemade).

breakfast wiaw1

Mid-morning – the kiddos and I went to the local Farmer’s Market to show our love, and stopped at the coffee shop for a treat… Iced Americano for me (which I only drank about half of), and apple juice and cookie from the Farmer’s Mkt for them!)

am snack wiaw1kiddos wiaw1

Lunch  – was a behemoth salad made up of lettuce (local), cucumber, yellow pepper, celery, tomato (local), broccoli, cauliflower, navy beans, pine nuts, and garlic & chive goat cheese (local). Dressed with a little bit of evoo and aged balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper. On the side I had the other half of my spelt English muffin (homemade), toasted and a little baby peach (local). Also, unsweetened iced tea.

lunch wiaw1lunch2 wiaw1

Mid-afternoon – I enjoyed one of my ‘Essential Bars’ (homemade) and seltzer!

snack wiaw1

seltzer wiaw1

Throughout the day, I also drank this:

lemon water wiaw1

Dinner – Tristan and I did not eat dinner together tonight, due to our schedules – so the “need” to “cook” wasn’t pressing… and I was busy puppy-wrangling and editing through my Asheville trip photos.

I whipped up an egg (local) with sautéed zucchini (local), onion, yellow pepper and a handful of spinach.  The zucchini was actually stolen from my Mom’s garden while she’s on vacation this week! (Thanks Mom!). I dotted the scramble with Cholula. It was light on eggs, and heavy on veggies tonight.

I also had a small piece of Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat  toast with a dab of real butter.

dinner wiaw1dinner2 wiaw1

And a glass of Vinho Verde. (There was another glass of wine later, as well!).

Evening snack  – was half a container of 2% Fage with berries (all local!), a sprinkle of granola (homemade), and a drizzle of honey (local).

Enjoyed at the computer while typing up this post!

So, that was my first WIAW… hope it went okay!